A Game of Chess

$ 6,998.00
  • A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess

$ 6,998.00

Yes, You Can Drink Out of It!

A new twist on the ancient game of strategy...


Each of the 32 playing pieces are, indeed, fully functioning drinking vessels. The rules of play are exactly as any other chess game, although you may want to decide on your "mode" of play before the game begins.

  1. Will the winner drink from the captured piece, possibly increasing their handicap as the game progresses?.... or...
  2. Will the winner have the loser drink from the captured piece, possibly increasing their opponents handicap?

This set is made from Goncalo Alves and Walnut with Maple accents. The Kings have an inlaid cross of Jet and Mother of Pearl, respectively. The Queens have 10 jewels inlaid at their waist, Carnelian and Moonstone, respectively.

Approximate size of the complete set is 23" x 23" x 5" tall. The playing pieces range from 3" tall for the pawns, up to 5" tall for the King. Each piece varies in capacity, but will holds 1 fluid ounce (more or less).

This chess set has been lovingly designed and hand-made by the craftspeople at Goodly Woods. The beautiful inlaid wood playing board is also a storage box for all 32 pieces. 

The playing surface and all pieces have been sealed completely with an FDA rated resin coating. Just as with all Goodly Woods' drinking vessels, they will hold up to a lifetime of use, no matter what you drink from them. 

This is truly a one-of-a-kind item. This chess set is part of a limited run of four. Please contact Goodly Woods to be put on our waiting list for subsequent sets.

No two pieces are exactly alike. Expect slight variations in shape and height.

Shipping is included in the continental US