This warranty comes with each of our wooden drinking vessels.

This drinking vessel is guaranteed Forever (as long as I'm alive and in business, whichever ends first) against leaking due to materials or workmanship. If it does leak, please contact Goodly Woods and your vessel will be repaired. A nominal fee may apply.

Although very sturdy, your piece should not be mistreated. Leakage or breakage could possibly result from heavy blows or other misuse. Physical abuse will negate our guarantee. Rarely do vessels crack or handles fall off by themselves. The piece must be dropped or mishandled in some way for this to occur. However, we can generally repair damage for a modest price.

Your drinking vessel is made of wood. It used to be a tree, now it's a cup. Some woods like being cups, occasionally some do not. If you feel that your drinking vessel is having problems I'm always happy to inspect it and make sure it will remain functional throughout the years.

Joseph Victor - owner and craftsman - Goodly Woods